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5 Things to do when hiring a photographer


  • Visual content helps you gain the trust of your customers (or audience)
  • Nobody likes reading long text! Photos help people visualize your services -- let the photos do the talking!
  • Photos help to establish your brand

I'm Josh, a professional photographer who has dealt with tons of clients from different fields, and on multiple scales of production. Here are 5 things to look for when choosing your photographer.

© Joshua Chang

© Joshua Chang

1. Find their website

This is a given – find their portfolio. Look for consistency in the quality of the work displayed. If there is a specific photo that you like, make sure to save or screenshot the photo to refer to it later when describing what you're looking for.


Find your photographer's Instagram. Here's why:

  • Shows you more of their work
  • Gives you a sense of their overall quality
  • As opposed to their website, Instagram offers insight on work that ISN'T as heavily curated. Aka, you can figure out if the rest of their work is as good as the website seems.

On top of that, look for clues on their professionalism and personality.


When contacting your potential photographer, let them know:

  • What the photos you want are for (e.g. LinkedIn)
  • Your goals for the photo shoot (e.g. to show company culture)
  • What kind of photos you like -- send them sample photos and attach it in your email

For example:

"I am looking for a few retouched studio headshots for LinkedIn. I really liked this image (insert image), and a few others I found on the web. Do you have other examples you have done in the past? What is your pricing structure and turnaround time?"


"We are looking for a photographer to do a few environmental portraits of our employees, both posed and candid. We really like this website's employee page (insert website), and want something similar. We are trying to communicate that we are an approachable, friendly company. How do you charge your services, and how many photos will we receive? We will need the photos by ____."
© Joshua Chang

© Joshua Chang

4. Negotiating $

"Photography is a powerful tool, and if done correctly, can completely change your brand, or how people perceive you."

Photography services are valuable... although, sometimes there may be a price that is too steep for your budget.

As a photographer, I am ALWAYS willing to sacrifice a few bucks to do business with you and to have your connections. For me, it is important to get my name out there. Therefore, I am always wiling to negotiate on price (to a certain extent).

That being said, if the photographer's price is completely out of your range, or what you were expecting, it may be a smart decision to move on to the next candidate.

5. Phone call!

It never hurts to schedule a 5 minute call with the photographer. Not only do you get to hear the way he treats his clients, it is much easier for you if you have questions. If you are uncertain about certain aspects in the photography industry, there's no better person to ask than an actual photographer.

Joshua Chang

Joshua Chang

About me:

I am amazed by where my camera takes me – anywhere from a court-side basketball seat, all the way to India to help film a documentary. My camera motivates me to take beautiful portraits, and allow others to see themselves in a different light.

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