Joshua Chang


Sunflower Season!


On Sunday, I planned two looks with Tiffany and we shot the next day. All photos were done with one lens, one speedlite, and one reflector.


For most of my photography career, I shot in a studio, where light was easily controllable. I owned a speedlite, but never used it outdoors... let alone in broad daylight. My mindset was: "I won't be able to achieve the look that I want because this speedlite is underpowered, and I need Profoto B1's to do that kind of thing."

Granted, I had been thinking about getting Profoto B1's for the longest time, and I kept putting off shoots because of that very reason.

For this shoot, I challenged myself to use what I had and see what I could come up with. See the results and let me know what you think!


Photography is about using what you have to its fullest potential. It is rarely about the equipment...

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