Joshua Chang

Box Short Film




Writer, director, editor


This film was produced as my senior thesis film at Syracuse University (BFA).


Box is a film based on the perpetual cycle of consumerism, and how the protagonist, Mike, searches for meaning and happiness in the things that he buys. These things are being represented by cardboard white boxes, as to be obscure in what Mike is actually buying, and to say that these boxes are actually meaningless.

Director’s Statement:

For many, happiness and satisfaction is found in the form of buying/consuming things, and in materialistic forms. BOX places the main character, Mike, in an imaginary world where all the things that he buys are white boxes, and all the shows he watches are seen as a blank white screen – though he doesn’t realize this himself until later. His living space is an extension of this concept; he is trapped within four white walls that in itself form a box, and it isn’t until the end that he breaks out of these four walls. With this film, my hope is for the viewers to think about how they are living their lives and the emphasis that they may put on consumerism in their lives.


Winner, Best Drama, ISA Digital Shootout, 2017