Joshua Chang

Egg's Patient Story

Egg’s Patient Story




Concept, Direct, DP, Edit, Color


You may have heard about this Instagram post that became an overnight internet sensation. That’s right, I’m talking about @world_record_egg. When I saw this happening, I brought up the idea of doing an “Egg Patient Story” as a spinoff of our usual patient testimonials. We got the approval from our CMO, and the next day I bought a carton of eggs. I worked with a few designers for prop design, and we wrapped the shoot in 2 days!


Webby in Social Video, Fashion & Beauty, 2019

+ 6.5K IG followers over 7 days
+ 2K Curology subscribers over 5 days
+ 8MM ad impressions
+ 800K IG organic impressions
+ 17K IG video saves
+ 20% IG engagement rate
+ 40K IG likes (usually 2K)